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Professional, yet sensitive; traditional, yet innovative; knowledgeable, yet inquisitive.  These are the qualities on which Engel Devlin Sgambati, LLC prides itself.  Our practice specializes in estate planning and administration as well as fiduciary litigation and was established in 1947 by Joseph G. Engel.   We have supported our clients (and their children and grandchildren) ever since, helping to protect what matters to them for the future, while also navigating the present.  Our clients are at the core of all that we do.

We understand that no two people are the same, nor are their estate planning needs.  We work hard to understand the nature and extent of your assets and your long term objectives to ensure that the plans we put in place suit your needs – whether they are to efficiently safeguard assets for the future in trust, transfer generational wealth, establish a charitable foundation or draft a simple will that satisfies your intentions.  Our estate administration services are also tailored to your circumstances; we will provide legal services to the extent that you need them. 

We counsel fiduciaries (executors, trustees, guardians) in carrying out their duties. 

We advise beneficiaries of their rights and remedies. 

We litigate all types of estate and trust disputes, from accounting actions, to trust modifications to guardianship actions, among other matters.

Your concerns are important to us and that is why some clients consider us an extension of their families.  We are professional and our office is relaxed (we have an office dog, Winston).  We understand why you want to leave a legacy and will create interesting ways to achieve it.  We have a vast breadth of knowledge and experience, and we always look forward to meeting new clients and hearing about their lives and ambitions.

A relationship with Engel Devlin Sgambati, LLC creates a secure foundation for your family’s legal needs for years to come. 

Our Firm
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